The Ashton Country Estate

The Ashton Estate is, in our view, a fascinating work of both man and nature. The Estate has an interesting socio-economic history comprising a “model settlement” (created at the turn of the 19th century by a mercantile family) superimposed on a more ancient village. Whilst the function of many estate buildings has changed, much of the “model settlement” remains physically intact, an unlikely outcome given the dynamics of modern life. The more ancient settlement is represented by a number of Grade II Listed buildings. Several of the “Edwardian” buildings are also Listed.

It is believed that the model settlement was the master plan of the fashionable Victorian architect, William Huckvale. Construction of estate cottages was a particular interest of Huckvale and the many “Edwardian” cottages are believed to be examples of Huckvales work. The Ashton Estate is one of the few remaining “Model Farms” that exists in a form that might be recognisable to its Victorian / Edwardian creators: much of the fabric is intact. The model settlement is of interest to the economic historian as well as to admirers of period buildings and of traditional English countryside.

Some of the land on the Ashton Estate is undulating and by virtue of its elevated position enjoys interesting views. Ashton is renowned for its beautiful and ecologically important woodland. Those who rent property on the Estate have full access to most areas of the Estate and may also enjoy some free fishing on the River Nene.

Ashton houses, flats and cottages are popular places to live in and there are normally relatively few properties vacant, most already being rented on Assured Shorthold Tenancies. There usually are at least some cottages, flats and larger houses available for tenancy rental. You may view available properties via If a property is of interest and you wish actually to view it, contact Carol Maibaum,  OHL Ltd at The Cricket Pavilion, 01832 272264 /

OHL Ltd are the duly authorized agents for Holiday Lets on the CDL Sector of Ashton Estate for the Landowner, Dr Charles Daniel Lane.

Ashton is situated near to the charming market town of Oundle and is within a circa fifteen minute drive from the A1 & A14 trunk roads. It is a short distance from Peterborough, Stamford, Corby and Kettering. Northampton and Cambridge are also within easy driving distance. Commuting to London from Peterborough, Corby or Kettering can be under one hour by rail.

No members of the Rothschild family reside on the Ashton Estate: thus, whilst the Estate lacks the focal point of a family occupied “big house” there is an egalitarian feel to the community. The Estate enjoys a variety of properties, from a five bedroom listed Manor House to two bedroom cottages – but there is , in our view, no pronounced social hierarchy. On the contrary, enjoyment of village and countryside seem to bind people into a neighbourly enclave with people from all walks of life living at Ashton.

At present we have 6 holiday houses available. See the Our Houses section for details.

The Lady Rothschild Dairy

Formerly known as Ashton Wold Farm, The Lady Rothschild Dairy consist of three of the holiday houses and was constructed for Nathaniel Charles Rothschild in 1900-1901 and designed by William Huckvale. The farm was constructed as part of a new country estate envisaged by Charles Rothschild, within woodland which had been purchased by the Rothschild family in 1860.

Charles Rothschild (1877-1923) worked as a partner in the family investment banking firm NM Rothschild and Sons, which was based in London, but is also known for his pioneering work in entomology and nature conservation.

The Lady Rothschild Dairy was designed as a dairy farm, with various buildings arranged around a courtyard and constructed of local building materials such as limestone and thatch, in Vernacular Revival Style. Constructed at the turn of the 20th century, when agriculture and farming in England were in decline, the complex was constructed as a ferme ornee. The complex comprises a U-shaped range of cow-houses around a central fold-yard with ancillary buildings including a detached dairy (The Sir Isaac Newt Library), in addition to a dove-cote (The Store), cart shed and cow-mans cottage (Home Farm Cottage).

It is of exceptional architectural interest for the high quality of its design which reflects the vernacular building traditions of the region and for the level of craftsmanship evident in the working of the materials chosen for its construction.

The buildings have been awarded Grade II* listed status.

Included in your holiday stay price are a range of possible services:

  • Personal check-in – one of our staff members will welcome you to the property, give you a quick run through of how everything works and answer any of your questions about the holiday house, offer recommendations on what to do in the area and point you in the direction of local shops and restaurants.
  • Subject to availability you may be given a booklet of the  conservation area surrounding nearby properties including a brief description of each property – subject to availability one of our team will be happy to accompany you on a tour of these remarkable buildings of historic and architectural interest – most of which are Grade II or Grade II Star Listed.
  • The Rothschild’s have played an important role in the creation of Ashton Wold – you will receive a brief history of the area and family. A member of the family still owns the majority of Ashton Wold and has sympathetically restored a large number of buildings (including The Lady Rothschild Dairy). There are always new projects on the go and we are happy to discuss those with you.
  • There are many walks in the area – you will be given a map of specific walks, estimated times and what you can expect to see – again subject to availability one of our team will be happy to accompany you.
  • Interested in art? Morland Manor – the newest addition to our holiday accommodation portfolio is home to some beautiful paintings, if the house is not occupied by other holiday visitors we would love to give you a tour.
  • Ashton is a working farm producing rape and wheat – if you are interested in modern farming technologies or how the operation runs why not let us introduce you to our contract farmer, Mr Simpson (subject to availability) for a brief tour and talk about our farming practices.
  • You will have the use of a purpose built barbeque and outdoor area – complete with your own Shepherds hut and outdoor table.
  • If you do a grocery shop online we are happy to unpack all the fridge and freezer items for you ahead of your arrival.

* Please note some “extras” are subject to availability.