Ashton Country Estate

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By virtue of its private ownership, Ashton Wold has remained largely unchanged, and Visitors can enjoy an abundance of flora, fauna, and a variety of buildings of architectural interest – most of which are Grade II Listed. Re-wilding is an important part of the Estate and we take great pride in the natural, unspoilt “wildness” of Ashton. The Ashton Estate (CDL Sector) is considered to be of National importance.

The CDL Sector of Ashton Wold is open every Tuesday and Wednesday and  thereby allowing visitors the opportunity to explore this enclave hidden in the Northamptonshire countryside.

Annual Fee payable for access (Jan-Dec):
(i.e a one off fee for the whole period)

Open to the public: Every Tuesday and Wednesday
(i) 15th April – 15th September: 9am – 7pm
(ii) 16th September – 14th April: 9am – 4pm

£10 per Adult
£15 per Couple (Two Adults)
£20 per Family (2 Adults & max. 4 children)
Dogs: Maximum of one dog per Adult (dogs must be on a lead at all times)

GROUPS OF 6 OR MORE: Larger groups need to make a special request for the owners and Agents consideration prior to visiting.

To visit us please complete the form below. On completion of the online form which also takes payment, you will automatically receive by return email a copy of our terms for visiting, a map showing the areas you can access. Alternatively, if you do not wish to pay online you can email us the relevant information and pay cash at the Estate Office (located at The Cricket Pavilion, PE8 5LF). By making a payment you agree to all theTerms for Visiting”.

All form data is kept securely as part of our business records and the data on them is not processed or used for marketing purposes or any other purposes by ourselves or any third party.

YOUR FIRST VISIT: On your first visit of that particular year, you will be required to come to the Estate Office to collect the relevant wristband for that year. You and the members of your group must wear these whilst visiting on a Tuesday and / or Wednesday so that Estate staff can easily recognise invited visitors -you may also be required to give your name.

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